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Are you interested in traveling to the Holy Land? Gaining a greater understanding of the Bible? Learning more about Israel and its connection to your faith? You’ve come to the right place!

Hebrew for "The Bridge," HaGesher's mission is connecting believers with the land of Israel. For over ten years, we’ve worked with Jewish believers in Israel to offer unique, dynamic study tours. It is our greatest privilege and joy to see believers engage in the Word, encounter the people, and explore the land!

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I wish every Christian living today could have exposure to Arie Bar David’s extraordinary personal experience and knowledge of his native land, Israel. Arie’s God-given wisdom and understanding in the Scriptures is unmatched. My life and ministry have been - and continue to be - more effective for Christ because of time with him. Michelle Nipp and HaGesher provide a well-managed and personal opportunity to experience biblical and present day Israel as a nation and people.
I was privileged to be a part of a team to Israel with Arie & Co. The depth of the teachings and vast historical knowledge were incredible and the Bible truly came alive like never before. I would highly recommend taking a team with them!
— Stacey Hatcher, Missions Director, Milestone Church, Keller, TX
This past June, my wife and I had the privilege of seeing our dream of 10 years come true: we were so incredibly blessed by a 10-day trip to Israel! What a rich time we had with Arie, our tour guide, and some very special friends of ours while literally walking in Jesus’ footsteps and seeing the Bible come alive. If it were up to us, we would travel to Israel every year to listen to Arie’s life-changing stories and his wealth of wisdom he’s gained from God’s Word over the years. Thank you Arie and team for this amazing experience!
— Pastor Mel Calingo, Senior Pastor, Vida Pasionada, Madrid, Spain
My husband and I went with this touring company and it was truly a trip of a lifetime. Not only were the sights amazing but it was so insightful as it helped us gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. Michelle was wonderful and helpful, and we became friends through this trip!
— Helen Chiang, Tour Participant, Nashville, TN
I will tell you the summer 2017 Israel study tour that we took with Arie through HaGesher was a highlight of my travels ever! Such a rich time learning about Israel and it’s people. The tour was so well managed with so little “down time.” Anyone considering this tour would not be disappointed.
— Buddy Dantin, Tour Participant, New Orleans, LA
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